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What Exactly Is Wrong With Chelsea Under Lampard?

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Before the current season began, there were a lot of reasons to be excited as a Chelsea fan. Everyone associated with the club was holding their head up high in confidence as if to say this season was finally going to be the season they clinch another Premier League title after last achieving the feat a few years ago. Club owner Roman Abramovic was quick to disburse cash for the purpose of securing important signings that were supposed to be responsible for securing another league crown. After the firing of Maurizio Sarri, the appointment of Frank Lampard raised eyebrows as to whether he was capable enough to steer the Blues to Premier League glory given that he did not have a powerful-enough credential to present. However, a lot of faith was invested in him as he was tasked with the responsibility of bringing together his own choice of players and getting them integrated into the system, and playing beautiful football.