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Tuchel reckons Klopp wants to divert attention

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Thomas Tuchel reckons that some of the controversial statements that Jurgen Klopp made in the aftermath of his team’s defeat at the hands of Paris Saint-Germain, he probably made them purposefully so that people’s attention could divert and couldn’t remain on the result of the match which was a poor one from Liverpool’s perspective.

Tuchel admitted that even he as a coach does that at times, when he has a poor result in an important match and he doesn’t want to go into the details of the matche. So he goes in the press conferences and rather says indifferent things so that the focus can shift elsewhere.

“When I lose big games, I am angry and I talk about stuff just to bring attention away from the result. I do this also. But it’s not my issue. You’ll have to ask Jurgen for that.” Tuchel was quoted saying by sky sports.

Klopp was of the view after the match that there were not that many fouls made in the match by his players, but the PSG players made some of the non-fouls look as fouls which was the reason why his players were booked so many times. The PSG players tried to give the impression that his players were “butchers” which was not the case.

According to Tuchel, if somebody doesn’t want to be booked, then they must take care of the fact that they don’t make any fouls. Because there were plenty of fouls made from Liverpool’s side during the course of the game and if there is a foul, then there will be a booking.

“We have five minutes overtime; we suffered a lot of fouls. You don’t have to do fouls.”  Tuchel added.

This victory has now enhanced the possibility of PSG advancing through to pre quarter finals. For Liverpool, it has gotten difficult now as they not only have to topple Napoli in their last game; they have to do so by a margin of at least a couple of goals and then will have to hope that PSG doesn’t beat Red Star Belgrade.