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After having a relatively successful three year spell at Chelsea, Diego Costa’stime appears to be up at the Bridge.

Amidst his charming qualities like being an offensive nuisance you will kill for to have among your ranks laid the propensity to overrun such qualities due to his immature interpersonal skills.

One of the most important things coaches value as high as anindividual’s talent is the willingness to be loyal to their plans, to listen to them. Conte was not getting any of that from Costa.Unlike Diego Simeone, Antonio Conte found it extremely hard to deal with the Spain international.

Despite the Spaniard’s part in making the Italian one of the very few coaches to lift the league in their first season in charge, he decided that he had had enough of the striker most people refer to as a man-child due to his juvenile antics both on and off the pitch.

A text message was reportedly sent from the former Azzuri boss to Costa informing him that he was no longer needed at the club. Even if it smells of an improper way to end things with your highest goal scorer, Costa’s latest play to the gallery remains uncalled for.

Speaking during confirmation of the text, the Spaniard appearedon a childish offensive. From blurting out that only Atletico was the team he will consider playing for to playing the line of the poor ware no longer needed by the master whose purpose it used to serve, all the while forgetting that his January romance with the idea of moving to the oriental world of the Chinese SuperLig to collect a fat retirement plan was the smoke that triggered this current fire.

The last thing The Blues need for him is a desperate last minute drama. It will serve him well to tow that part.