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Chelsea yesterday could have jumped two places higher in the Premiership standings as their three close competitors in the tournament, United, Arsenal and the Spurs, ended on the losing side in their encounters past weekend. If Chelsea had secured three points playing Burnley, they would have been able to displace Arsenal and the Spurs from their respective positions and would have positioned themselves at no. 3. But they were unexpectedly stopped on a draw by the visiting Clarets and they could have just one more point added to their tally.

Although even with that one point, Chelsea managed to go past Arsenal with whom they were leveled with in terms of the no. of points and were trailing on the goal difference only, but they remained behind Tottenham.

Tottenham currently has the same no. of points as Chelsea but not only their goal differential is better, but they also have to play an extra match as they have played only 34 as compared to Chelsea’s 35.

The first two spots in the points table are almost sealed as Liverpool and Manchester City are so much more ahead of everyone else but for no. 3 and no. 4, there is a close fight between three teams and they are not separated from each other by a large margin. So at this stage of the season, every match is important and when there is a chance for you to get ahead of your competitors, you have to pounce on that.

The Blues supporters were not pleased at all that Chelsea let such a great chance go by and they had every reason to be gutted. A lot of them vented their anger on social media as the match ended.

Chelsea next visits Manchester United to lock horns with them on Sunday.