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After having a relatively successful three year spell at Chelsea, Diego Costa’stime appears to be up at the Bridge. Amidst his charming qualities like being an offensive nuisance you will kill for to have among your ranks laid the propensity to overrun such qualities due to his immature interpersonal skills. One of the most important things coaches value as high as anindividual’s talent is the willingness to be loyal to their plans, to listen to them. Conte was not getting any of that from Costa.Unlike Diego Simeone, Antonio Conte found it extremely hard to deal with the Spain international. Despite the Spaniard’s part in making the Italian one of the very few coaches to lift the league in their first season in charge, he decided that he had had enough of the striker most people refer to as a man-child due to his juvenile antics both on and off the pitch.

Antonio Conte Taunts at Red Devils and the Sky Blues

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Taunting the Red Devils and the Sky Blues, Antonio Conte says that some people should understand that they can’t get themselves to the top positions in the Premiership just by the power of money. Interestingly in the past, it’s Chelsea itself which has been seen as a team pretty keen to splash cash to acquire the biggest names in the world game, but, the previous summer, two of their Manchester rivals spent much larger amounts than them on the playing resources. Despite that, both of them are nowhere near Chelsea in the premiership standings at the moment. They are actually so far behind that one can’t imagine them taking over the Blues at any point of time in the remaining part of the season. As per Conte, before buying any player, a coach must take into consideration if the player has the appropriate features in his game to play the brand of Football he encourages because only then the player can be useful to him. Also a coach has to see what he has got at his disposal already and what he needs the most for the proper balance of his squad.

Walter Mazzarri refuses to scold Troy Deeney

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Walter Mazzarri refuses to scold Troy Deeney for the disco incident that happened last night. As per the coach, he has had a chat with his player who let him know the circumstances that led to the incident and after hearing him; he didn’t feel as if he was at fault at all. Continuing further, Mazzarri opines that if someone’s name has been in a controversy in the past, it doesn’t mean he has lost his rights to hang out with his partner. It just needs to be understood that everyone has a personal life and it depends on them what they want to do with their personal lives. They should be given their own space. In Mazzarri’s view, as soon as Deeney made it clear to that person that he was not interested to be photographed at that point in time, he should not have been pushed to do so because it’s not mandatory for a celebrity to agree for a photo whenever someone asks him for that.


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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte has called on his Chelsea players to maintain their momentum after securing their tenth consecutive Premier League win. The Blues guaranteed they‘d be top of the English premier league table at Christmas by defeating David Moyes’ Sunderland 1-0 at the Stadium of Light. The victory continues their amazing turnaround from last season’s disappointing performance. Chelsea finished the 2015/16 campaign in 10th place following a stunning fall from grace. However, they now look on course to reclaim the title, which they last won under Jose Mourinho 18 months ago. Conte is determined to ensure his Stamford Bridge stars do not become complacent though. The Italian cautioned them against complacency, demanding that they continue their current run in a bid to taste success once again. Speaking after the Stadium of Light showdown, Conte asserted: